Scouting Lombok

Scouting Lombok

Many creatures live in this cave including armies of cockroaches, pythons and more than a million bats. They welcome tourists and will keep their distance deeper inside the cave.

“There is something very special about the green tones that paint flora in Indonesia”

Outstanding Beauty


Back in 2017, we were contacted by a VIP concierge service in London. The assignment was to follow a family for a few weeks and document their travels. We went further than that provided bespoke prints and beautiful video. This was the first time took on photography for VIP clients.

Since then we have taken on more VIP and Royal appointments and travelled to some far-flung parts of the world. From swimming with elephants in the ocean to flying over the islands of the Caribean.

In many cases, we scout the locations before taking on the assignment and because many clients value their privacy we prefer to show those images and film from before their arrival. So here are a few photos and clips from our trip to the stunning island of Lombok in Indonesia



Lombok, Bali’s little sister
We fell in love with the island. with its rural peacefulness and authenticity. The villages, rice terraces, and beautiful waterfalls of north Lombok. And of course the omnipresent Rinjani mountain, a 3,726-metre volcano, the second highest in Indonesia, which oversees the whole island.


There is something very special about the green tones that paint flora in Indonesia. Rice paddies are touched by coconut palms, tropical plants and often immersed in hazy sunrises.
The southern surf beaches of Kuta where the blues are so intense that they look almost otherworldly.

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