Sugar and Rice Farmers of Thailand

The Sugar and Rice Farmers of Thailand

Last Year NGC contacted us with an exciting project to document some of the farmers of Thailand who produce organic sugar and rice. We jumped at the chance to get out into the countryside and document a quieter way of life.

Natural lighting played a big part in capturing these photos.

 For this project we felt it was important to keep it looking as natural as possible, so, for this reason, all our images were shot at dawn or dusk, lighting was kept to a minimum and we shot a mix of film and digital. Not all commercial photography needs to overly retouched or lit. 

The photography focuses on the people that work on each stage of production. From preparing the field for planting all the way through to the packaging of the rice and sugar. 

Delivering the goods.

Man on a TRactor
Photography for NGC

Colour Treatment. We decided on a warm editorial tone, 

Thai Farmer
On a misty morning somewhere in the Thai countryside, shot for NGC Thailand

The people and places of Thai agriculture are something very special. We loved working on this project.

NGC. Offers premium quality organic rice and sugar all ethically sourced and grown sustainably. It was a pleasure to document how they do it.


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